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The construction site is located on Shevchenko st. in East Kharkiv, Ukraine which is the territory of former tannery supposed to get conversed. Most placements and structures are desolated, others are being leased. Due to the city’s development several showrooms such as Mitsubishi, Toyota, Lexus and Nissan appeared on the surrounding area, which makes the conclusion of new center’s construction justified.

Arch2o-Kharkiv Multifunctional Auto Center  Maria Logvinava (22)

 Courtesy of Maria Logvinava

The theme of this project combines the functions of shopping and entertainment and at the same time solves the problem of traffic overload. This allows to bring different functions into one structure that will fit into the city’s environment. This center will have an advantage over other showrooms and will be able to offer the whole range of shopping and maintenance services connected to a large parking area, entertaining zones and a stadium.

Arch2o-Kharkiv Multifunctional Auto Center  Maria Logvinava (23)

 Courtesy of Maria Logvinava

One of the project decisions includes an overpath construction to decrease the amount of traffic on Shevchenko st. and to connect it with Pushkinskaya st.

The site is bounded by Shevchenko st. and an intradistrict driveway, which separates it from from the nearby gas station. Entrances and exits from both Shevchenko st. and the driveway as well as overpath exits and entrances towards the parking zone are provided by master plan. Reverse ares, delivery slots and parking ramps face the driveway while pedestrian alleys run along Shevchenko st. Trading stock and test drive areas can be found behind the main building. Another goal of the project is to improve and landscape Zhuravlevskiy hydropark located across Shevchenko st. The building will be pushed back from the red line to arrange an avant cour in front of it.

Arch2o-Kharkiv Multifunctional Auto Center  Maria Logvinava (14)

 Courtesy of Maria Logvinava

The building itself is a complex system consisting of several multifunctional groups technologically connected with each other through their particular areas. Having a compound shape, the centre consists of separate geometries. Shopping/entertaining area is a parallelepiped, “slided” apart by an over-path, with a stadium structure embeded at the right angle towards the overpath. Parking ramps are cylinder and ellipse shaped towers while stadium has an oval shape as its top view. Atrium spaces both have irregular geometry shapes such as a crystal and an amorphous body truncated to its top.

Arch2o-Kharkiv Multifunctional Auto Center  Maria Logvinava (15)

 Courtesy of Maria Logvinava

Facing Shevchnko st. the main entrance leads to several levels of shopping and exhibition halls which provide customers with wide chioce of cars, auto pepair and tunung parts, motorbikes and accessories.

Arch2o-Kharkiv Multifunctional Auto Center  Maria Logvinava (24)

 Courtesy of Maria Logvinava

Exhibition halls design is based on modular grid of columns with 15m offset, which allows the variety of space planning transformation.

The project includes an exploited roof with a park and Skybar restaurant having a river overview. The composite center of the building is the stadium ceiled with guyed structures and glazed on its sides. The project assumes providing motoracing events such as “Race of Champions” which is why the stadium itself is typologically a WRC rally track.

Arch2o-Kharkiv Multifunctional Auto Center  Maria Logvinava (16)

 Courtesy of Maria Logvinava

The Race of Champions is an international motorsport event held at the end of each year, featuring some of the world’s best racing and rally drivers. It is the only competition in the world where stars from Formula One, World Rally Championship, NASCAR, sportscars and touring cars compete against each other, going head-to-head in identical cars. The race was first organised in 1988. Racing tracks are usually layed out over a football pitch having the total lenght of 600 meters.

Arch2o-Kharkiv Multifunctional Auto Center  Maria Logvinava (17)

 Courtesy of Maria Logvinava

Such events are an effective way of promoting brands in particular and autoculture in general. The stadium and the main volume are structurally independent which allows creating a wide gallery in between. A customer won’t have to go around the city’s showrooms looking for cars, parts and repair shops because now you’ll be able to compare and try out different different models and brands in the same place.

Technical and economical features:

–          site area                          30.5 ha

–          construction area           106,015 m2

–          total area                        288,750 m2

–          effective area                 197,360 m2

–          construction volume      2,021,250 m3


Project Name – Kharkiv Multifunctional AutoCenter

Maria Logvinava

University  – KharkovStateTechnicalUniversity of Civil Engineering and Architecture

Adviser – docent Constantin Bondarenko

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 Courtesy of Maria Logvinava

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