The project is a hybrid building that acts as an urban revitalization of a damaged area in the urban center of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, a Bolivian city.

The project is divided into a pedestrian shopping corridor, a cultural center and a residential building in the last levels. The idea was to improve the circulation between buildings, offering connections inside the blocks through a common base, and space grant relief to the city (treated as private spaces public). Achieve a natural circulation cycle from the street into the building. Working the building not as a barrier but as a linker element between the street and the functions within it, inviting people to use public spaces of the same (I mean to design a building with green spaces and public squares that pedestrians they can be freely used, even when the building is closed), quality urban spaces that a compact city with problems of density can not give you.

Arch2O Hybrid Florida Silvia Olivia-01

The hybrid is an opportunist building, which takes advantage of its multiple skills. This shows many facets and its own personality. As depends on the individual nature of his creative process, it can take multiple representations, even his appearance contradictory urban landmark, sculpture, landscape or anonymous volume.

The ideal hybridization feeds on the meeting between the private sphere and the public sphere. The intimacy of the private life and public life sociability found in the hybrid building anchors to develop.

Arch2O Hybrid Florida Silvia Olivia-02

The permeability of the hybrid compared to the city makes it accessible and private use of its facilities extends its hours of use at the clock. This implies that the activity is constant and is not governed by the primates or rhythms, or by the public. Another use category is created, the journey continues building.

Project Name: Hybrid Florida Building
Student Name: Silvia Olivia
School: Universidad Privada De Santa Cruz De La Sierra. Bolivia
Advisor: Virgilio Suarez.

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