PTW and LAVA came together to redevelop the 1930s Pitts Street Building and to build a new tower on top of the 1965 Bathurst Street Building, coming together to form the Greenland Centre. Accommodated within the centre are apartments, retail areas and a commercial sector.

Arch2o-Greenland Centre  LAVA and PTW  (2)

Courtesy  of LAVA and PTW

Within the lobby are these free forming furniture that adds a sense of elegance to the space. Following a certain organic flow, the walls are all curved, with the ceiling having these organic perforations that gives the users a sense of how to navigate throughout the space. From this flow of movement, ribbon lighting was also introduced to add to the atmosphere of the space.

Arch2o-Greenland Centre  LAVA and PTW  (11)

Courtesy  of LAVA and PTW

Material wise, the floor uses a white terrazzo, with the walls being lined with leather and timber battens. The desks within the space also made from timber, with the added effect of being self-illuminating. GRP was also used, especially for its flexibility and strength, enabling the creation of even more fluid and dynamic forms.

By Shanaire Blythe

Courtesy  of LAVA and PTW

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