Dichotomy & Ambiguity by Ziba Esmaeilian

The concept of duality has been represented in many different art forms. This project by Ziba Esmealian from SCI-Arc, investigates the duality phenomenon though architecture by working with “productive dichotomy” and how that process could bring together opposites into an even more complex state of dualism.

44x32 render.psd

Courtesy of  Ziba Esmaeilian

Two systems were combined in this thesis, the “pile” and the “monolithic”. Typically these elements are seen as opposing systems, the pile having qualities associated with randomness and disorganization, while the monolithic is a cohesive and organized whole. By integrating cohesive and random systems it begins to foster the emergence of a new formally heterogeneous genre.

Arch2lo-Dichotomy & Ambiguity  Ziba Esmaeilian (9)

Courtesy of  Ziba Esmaeilian

According to the architect, “There exist dualities between randomness and cohesiveness, disorganization and organization. Together these two systems create yet another strange duality. The analysis and close reading of randomness of the cohesive design method in architecture production is an example of uncertainty or unpredictability as in intricate part of the cohesive process.

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