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Next7 Competition

Mohammad Qabshoqa

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Courtesy of Mohammad Qabshoqa – Next7 Competition

With Current 3D printing technologies, it becomes possible to print 3D objects right from your desk. And if the printer is installed in your house, then the world becomes your catalogue and some complicated solid objects are one click away from you.

Futuristic Technology
Engineers and scientists took that one step forward. They have invented printers that have the capability to print all sorts and states of materials. Including liquids and gases. There is no more need for industrial lines and machinery factories. These printers helped in making the world better.

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Courtesy of Mohammad Qabshoqa – Next7 Competition

Post Futuristic Technology
Engineers and scientists gathered their power again and took their invention, one more step forward. They were able to achieve the printing process without a printer. They have been working on the tiny scale of elementary particles to create the ultimate element in which its interaction form atoms and molecules that can reshape cells the way they are controlled. These cells can transform into any object as long as the design code is sent to the element. The Ultimate Element was the solution for every world material problem. Scientists and Engineers did not stop there. They found a way to enable the brain wave to communicate with the element and control it. A thought comes from the human about will enable the element to recreate that object out of nowhere. This element provides every single object the habitants need to start from the cup of tea. After the use the object regenerates back to the initial state and goes back to the source. No waste will be exhausted. A decision is taken worldwide to assign every new baby born in the whole world with that element.

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Courtesy of Mohammad Qabshoqa – Next7 Competition

The System of Life  

Every human has his ultimate element accompanying him. This allows him to create any interactive architectural space he desires and whatever inside the space he needs.

Living Architecture
The Architectural spaces that are created from the ultimate element will, form living interactive architecture that changes its function and space according to the habitant needs.

The Futuristic City Design
Space will have infinite possibilities as each human will have his own creation and architecture. These infinite possibilities will affect the geometry and the typology of the cityscapes and turn it into a chaos of possibilities. This chaos will make the cities grow in a natural fractal patterns. And this is exactly what happen in Natural phenomena such as clouds, mountains and snowflakes.

One of the most well-known mathematical formula for representing this precise chaos is the Mandelbrot set.

Controlling the chaos through channelling the growth into a definite formula will be the best solution. And in this design “Escape Time” algorithm will be used to generate a futuristic city of chaos. The main structures of the whole cities will be shared between all habitants.

Next7-Arch2O-0 NX1424_1

Courtesy of Mohammad Qabshoqa – Next7 Competition

Geometrical Variations
Cities will change instantly during the day and night. It will also change with time regarding the movement of the residence and inhabitants. As each space will shrink into its origin, which is the ultimate element. These changes will provide unique geometrical variations that follow the same “Escape Time” algorithm formula. A 3D generative tool was used to generate these alternatives and one is chosen to developed in this submission.

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