The Buckminster Fuller Institute has unveiled the eleven finalists of DYMAX REDUX, an open call to create a new and inspiring interpretation of Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Map from 1943. The challenge registered over 300 participants from 42 countries.

The finalists were selected for their exceptional execution of the contest’s criteria:

  1. Original. Is the map innovative in some fashion? Does it challenge traditional perspectives?
  2. Aesthetic. Is the map beautiful? Intriguing? Inspiring?
  3. Informative. Does the map convey information, worthwhile themes or sets of data to its viewer?

In the coming weeks, the Buckminster Fuller Institute will announce both the winner (selected by BFI) and 3 critic pics as selected by guest critics: graphic designer Nicholas Felton, artist Mary Mattingly and Dymaxion Map cartographer and Bucky’s close friend and associate, Shoji Sadao. The winner will have their design produced as a full size poster and offered within the BFI store. All 11 finalists will be printed at full scale for an in-person exhibition this fall in New York City

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