Bobigny Scool Complex Mikou Design Studio

Located near the city hall of Bobigny in Paris, France, this newly built primary school, designed by Mikou Design Studio, shows an intricate and interesting visage to its surroundings and neighbors.

Arch2o Bobigny Scool Complex  Mikou Design Studio - 2

Courtesy of Mikou Design Studio

Designed in a sort of distorted spiral, the building is oriented to slowly slope down from level to level towards the south, allowing maximum sun to the childrens’ playgrounds which are located across the spiral’s roofs and the inner courtyard. The building is seemingly aware of its location near city-centre as well as the role it plays in the revitalization of the area.

Arch2o Bobigny Scool Complex  Mikou Design Studio - 7

Courtesy of Mikou Design Studio

To this effect, the facades feature a playful, and random series of openings against a mix-matching of solid timber panels. The building looks like a school, but also very clearly presents itself a strong and secure. Open, yet devoted to maintaining privacy and a healthy learning environment for the children it seeks to educate.

Courtesy of Mikou Design Studio

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