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The AX2011 wall is an investigation of the parametric use of natural values and processes, namely weather. It is inspired by unique cloud forms named chinook arches. These form when warm air masses known as chinooks or foehn winds, collide with cooler arctic air masses. This produces orographic lifting (low altitude to high altitude over rising terrain) which frequently manifests as variably coloured and rippled stratus clouds with a strong trailing edge.

Courtesy of  Minus Architecture

The creator, Minus Architecture, describes the project as:

…developed as a part of the ACADIA 2011 project exhibition in collaboration with the sponsors and fabricators FLATCUT_.  Undulating masses and surface articulations where produced through a set of metaball and subdivision simulations and translated into flat sheet material fabrication strategies.  Translucency, reflection and subtle tonal variations interact with ambient lighting to condition the exhibition space. The wall also produces an armature for the inclusion of selected projects from the exhibit.

Courtesy of  Minus Architecture

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