Contrasting the wide-open spaces of American Suburbia, Hong Kong’s apartments have no room to breathe. Michael Wolf captures the wall of densely populated apartment buildings in the Chinese metropolis. In his project titled ‘Architecture of Density’, Wolf is able to accurately capture the concentration of what it truly means to leave in a concrete jungle.

Arch2o-Architecture of Density  Michael Wolf (1)

Courtesy of Michael Wolf

These series of large-scale images captures the overwhelming intensity that these cities in China can sustain. With clothes dangling from lines, air conditioning units and mops hanging out of windows, we get a look into the lives of the inhabitants of these tightly populated buildings.

Arch2o-Architecture of Density  Michael Wolf (8)

Courtesy of Michael Wolf

Through Michael wolf’s images, it is clear that he is bringing forth socio-cultural questions of the architectural expansion of Asian cities. What does this forest of identical buildings project for the future of residential architectural design in asia, and is this truly the vision of how people are meant to live everywhere in the world, or just in this part?

By Ariela Lenetsky

Courtesy of Michael Wolf

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