10 Reasons Why You Should Date an Architect !
You know their faults, but it is time you know their even more valuable merits. They have a complicated but interesting mindset which has learned to deal with anything and everything, personal relationships included. At first, they may seem peculiar, but then you get used to their pattern, and if you are patient enough you may uncover all their hidden gems.
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  1. They can masterfully handle the pressure

An architect’s job can be really stressful. They have to deal with many givens, satisfy different clients, and finish before the deadline. So, in relationships, they can be calm and rational, no mood swings.


  1. They get it faster than you can imagine 😉

Architects can be detail-oriented, and that means they will remember the smallest details about you. They need to be capable of understanding their clients to offer them something that suits them. It is a skill that works pleasantly when it comes to personal relationships.

  1. They are organized (even if it doesn’t look like it)

    Part of the Logical thinker and planner package is being organized. They may seem messy, their rooms, studios, and even their cars. But they actually have their “own system”! They may be the only ones who know how to deal with it, so don’t bother but don’t worry either.

  2. They are logical thinkers and natural planners

Architects are both engineers and artists. So, they have to be able to think like engineers, and by that, we mean think logically. Also, without a plan, things can fall apart pretty badly, and so it becomes part of their daily routine to think of the future.


  1. They are very creative; it is public knowledge

The artistic side of the architects makes them very creative. Their need to think out of the box in order to solve unpreceded problems and work out appealing and functional designs changes their thinking manner. They become creative by habit, and it reflects on their surrounding environment.

  1. Their teaching capabilities are superb

Architects have loads of information in all sorts of fields gained through learning and working experience. Their creativity and logical thinking translate into their teaching methods. They know what to say and how to say it. They can make the teaching experience something quite interesting.

  1. They have no commitment issues

They are used to working on projects for very long durations, and they can’t back out. They commit to their demanding, sometimes illogical, clients, and they don’t give up on their tasks. So, when it comes to personal relationships, they take them seriously, not minding a commitment.

  1. They may procrastinate but never give up

They take their time thinking about a concept and figuring out an optimal design, but they never give up on a project. They keep coming and going, trying to achieve the best outcome. Taking the easy way out is not in their vocabulary.

  1. They are brilliant problem solvers

Problem-solving is part of their job description. So whenever needed, they can solve their own, their partner’s, and their entire household’s problems. They don’t need help from professionals to solve problems like a wobbly chair or a stained wall. They can figure it out.

  1. They have this superpower called ‘admitting to one’s mistakes’

They get used to it. After all, their work is a series of trials and errors. Having the ability to re-think their behavior, admitting to their mistakes, and find convenient solutions becomes part of their character, which tends to influence their social behavior.



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