The Zen Armchair by Rafeal Morgan is a piece of clean lines, simple formal executions, and apparent impossibility. It’s an impossibility that I’m not even sure of. Perhaps it’s only me over-thinking things. Following from inspiration by the silhouetted form of a seated monk, the lines that define the form are reduced to the absolute minimum. In this context, a soft, powder-coated aluminum seat is mated with a sturdy, yet not overbearing steel structural frame. And this is where I’m not sure. It’s a beautiful thing. But I am just unsure of those two connecting instances.


Courtesy of Rafael Morgan

Are they strong enough? Ahh, damn you, powerful rendering programs! The images are so real appearing that I cannot tell if they are a render- in which case it remains unclear as to whether it will work; or photos- in which case this is an elegant form which asks some very interesting questions of what we expect from our materials. And one final thing. The designers, Rafael Morgan Studio, are looking for a mindful and reliable manufacturer to produce this project- they can be contacted through their website.

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