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Vittra School Södermalm

Crystal chandeliers, colorful caves and a library that opens like a treasure chest. Rosan Bosch Studio has transformed common areas at the Swedish school Vittra Södermalm into inspiring learning environments that break down the boundary between education and leisure.

Vittra Södermalm has 350 students and is located in a historic building in central Stockholm. The new design strives to support the school’s pedagogical methods and gives teachers and students the opportunity to work in different settings depending on the learning situation.

photography by © Kim Wendt

The design varies from small caves for concentration and contemplation, a colorful cave with deep red upholstery to organic high tables for group work and soft lounge furniture for informal gatherings. The large reading table brings back memories from American university libraries and gives a sense of learning and seriousness.

photography by © Kim Wendt

”Rosan Bosch has created a learning environment that helps us keep our educational visions into reality,” says Annica Ångell, rector of Vittra Södermalm. ”She has created an environment that gives the students the opportunity to seek out different environments depending on their needs. It’s a huge support in their daily work.”

With the new interior, the school’s large common area has been the focal point for teaching, tutorials, and social activities. In the middle of the area, a huge black box with wavy red graphics shapes an unconventional framework for the school library. The library contains books magazines, pads, laptops, working material and it lures passers with its colors and built-in light in the shelves.

photography by © Kim Wendt

Project Info
Architects: Rosan Bosch Studio
Location: Södermalm, Sweden
Year: 2012
Type: Educational
Photographs: Kim Wendt
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