Uchronia. A wonder of wood and fastenings that arches overhead in defiance of what a temporary structure is thought to be. This work of art, created by Arne Quinze was a creature of Burning Man Festival 2006. Yes, that was some time ago, but it hasn’t really been spoken much about. And it’s always good to have a reminder if it was.

One of the most important things I’ve ever learned is the possibility of making curves and curved surfaces from straight lines. This construct could be the spokesperson for this concept. Thousands upon thousands of wooden planks are cleverly fastened to create incredibly complex and intricate ‘surfaces’ which swoop overhead and around.

Probably the coolest aspect of this gigantic, inhabitable sculpture is that at the end of the festival, the whole thing was purposefully burned to the ground. Now there’s ‘temporary’ for you.

© Arne Quinze

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