I must admit I have a soft spot for Renault, their designs are the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity and they are, for the most part, reasonably sized and quite durable. Therefore when they put together concepts for more environmental conscious designs, it is easier to buy because they don’t feel fundamentally un-environmental.

Arch2o-Twin’z-RENUALT + Ross Lovergrove (4)

Courtesy of RENUALT + Ross Lovergrove

But that could be just me. Regardless, their newest concept car unveiled in Milan is a pretty exciting attempt at a “greener” vehicle. The car is a collaboration between Renault and Ross Lovergrove, which makes sense as Lovergrove is famed for his beautiful fluid lines inspired from natures organic forms.

Arch2o-Twin’z-RENUALT + Ross Lovergrove (7)

Courtesy of RENUALT + Ross Lovergrove

What is commendable is the notion of not mimicking nature’s lines and forms but understanding nature’s process and learn from it. It is, off course, an electric car, with rear-wheel drive and a rear-mounted motor. What is also quite attractive about it is its Avatar-ian feel that can be sensed strongly in its roof design and wheels.

By Danya Hakky

Courtesy of RENUALT + Ross Lovergrove

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