The Etoile Lamp | Adriano Rachele

The Etoile lamp is an elegantly designed piece of art by Adriano Rachele. Combining technology with his strong artistic sense, Rachele managed to create another iconic piece for Slamp. The design of the Etoile lamp stands out as a very smooth and harmonious one; the curves of its form produce an interesting play of light on the surrounding walls and objects. This elegant, functional, and very innovative creation was inspired by the graceful folds of a ballerina’s skirt. The form was completely constructed in Lentiflex®; also, 86 LEDs were incorporated in the design. In order to create a powerful impact on the folds of the Etoile lamp some LEDs were placed in the center; this arrangement created reflections on the different folds of the lamp itself. Other LEDs were either directed upwards or downwards diffusing the dancing light onto the interior and creating an outstanding atmosphere. The lamp is available in two sizes; a 73cm size for a smaller room or office space, and a 90 cm size for larger spaces. The lamp is crafted in a very remarkable manner making it a true one-of-a-kind.

By: Ala’ Abuhasan
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