The Tetra Shed by Innovation Imperative addresses the ever growing trend of the home office. It offerss an alternative to what has been the past norm, of giving up an existing room in the house to become an office. While this may be initially a convenience, part of the reason we have had separate entities for work and living in the past is exactly that- to keep them separate.

Courtesy of Tetra Shed

The Tetra Shed is a garden office developed using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). The mode of assemblage addresses and responds to the building industry’s growing need to react to tighter schedules, stricter cost constraints and the need for higher levels quality and durability. Working on a modular system, simple materials are employed. Engineered Timber is clad with black matte rubber and lined with birch ply. It has a footprint of 10 m² and floor space of 8 m², making it suitable for use by up to two people year round. The modules may also be combined for public uses such as classrooms, leisure and retail space, exhibition spaces, events, and tourism.

The only downside is you may spend two hundred quid tops on refitting an existing room with desk and chairs. The Tetra Shed will set you back £15,000.

Courtesy of Tetra Shed

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