Surreal Cities Marcin Kolpanowicz

The Invisible City is a series of oil and pastel paintings displaying imaginative cities emerging from clouds and smokes of realistic characters such as airplanes, trians, tornedos and falcon’s wings.

Arch2o-MarcinKolpanowicz7 (2)

Courtesy of Marcin Kolpanowicz

Artist Marcin Kolpanowicz uses hazy shades of golden hues to ensure the surreal experience.

Arch2o-MarcinKolpanowicz7 (5)

Courtesy of Marcin Kolpanowicz

 The polish artist suceeds to portray the mood of cities. Cities are sometimes reflected above the clouds, or swirl within the anger of the tornado. Cities are happy or mad. Cities are satisified or depressed.

By Marwah Garib

Courtesy of Marcin Kolpanowicz

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