After launching their original Solid Gray backpack, Eindhoven based studio Lijmbach, Leeuw & Vormgeving has returned with an outstanding tablet cover that’s not afraid to show your iPad. Extending their design philosophy, the Solid Gray tablet cover is made using just a single sheet of material and clever folding techniques. To protect tablets from shocks and drops, the sturdy tablet cover uses the same high-tech plastic used in their backpacks.


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Working-comfort on the fly is a guiding principle in the cover’s design. The result is a cover that is convenient to use in the subway, on your couch, or any other any situation, as well as on your tabletop. The unique folding mechanism creates a workstation that shines in ergonomics and flexibility. The tabletcovers for iPad models 2, 3 and 4 are available via for €45,- including free worldwide shipping.


© Solid Gray

Astoundingly adaptable: Unmatched working comfort on the fly. The unique elevated position supports any desired working position perfectly.

 Shut tight: Only opens when you want it to. Two hard-wearing clips lock the cover with a solid snap.

 Clever clasps: Solid lock-down with a mere flick of the finger. Precision engineered clasps hold your tablet snug and firm.

 Soft and safe: Keep your tablet safe under the padded cover. The micro-fibre wipe is stored underneath your tablet to keep it scratchless and spotless. 

Sturdy foldout stand: The stand that always stays in position. Whether you’re working on the couch or giving a presentation. The locked stand will keep your tablet in place at the angle you want it to be.

 Impact zone: Let the case take the punches, not your tablet. The protective impact zone protects it from everyday accidents and drops

© Solid Gray

Here are two little video’s where you can see the tablet cover in action:

How the tablet is placed in the tablet cover:


How the tablet cover can transform in a workstation:

© Solid Gray

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