Rice home, a Hong Kong based restaurant, offers a new experience in the city of Guangzhou, China. The newly launched casual dining brand has a unique restaurant design by AS design inspired by beehive. Irregular hexagons define the space of the restaurant underlined in a rich palette of yellows over a black background. The hexagons form a dynamic scene in both 2  and 3 dimensionality, surprising visitors once entering the restaurant.


Courtesy of AS design

Yellow lighting is integrated in the hexagons highlighting the yellow hexagons to form a warm and comfortable environment. A curved wall features a bowl-shaped sculpture with yellow hemispheres emerging from it creating a sense of food aroma and arousing guest’s appetite.

Arch2o-design-rice-home (5)

Courtesy of AS design

The furniture also comes in hues of yellow and black along with a wooden flooring completing the scene.

Arch2o-design-rice-home (6)

Courtesy of AS design

The design is a reflection of the restaurant’s menu. Similar to the design, recipes are unique and contemporary experience

By Marwah Garib

Courtesy of AS design

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