Qatar International Library, designed by OMA, was recently inaugurated in the Education City district in the Qatari capital, Doha.

The library offers the public a variety of top-notch facilities like 3D-printing tools and musical instruments, group study areas,  computer labs, as well as a writing center. The library also contains about 1,000,000 books, journals, and unique collections.

The library visitors started posting photos of the cultural venue on the social media, displaying the eye-catching design and the vast spaces. The images also show the open shelves, the lounges, the smart media walls, in addition to several other amenities.

Professional photographs of the library are slated to be published next week. For now, you can have a look at the amazing pictures posted by the public on Instagram.


Big #box in the #desert. #doha #qatarnationallibrary #QNL @qatarfoundation #remkoolhaas

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Qatar National Library by OMA #oma #qatar #qatarnationallibrary

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Lendo em uma cápsula…Simplesmente fantástico o projeto da Qatar National Library(QNL)assinado pelo renomado arquiteto holandes Rem Koolhaas.Os residentes e visitantes terão acesso à partir dessa semana a mais de um milhão de livros e coleções especiais.No meio desse projeto fantástico e contemporâneo ,não poderia faltar o “Heritage Library”,projetado em destaque em um plano mais baixo,remetendo a um ambiente como os de escavações em busca de objetos antigos e arqueológicos.Livros,mapas,fotografias,manuscritos desde o ano de 1.500 ,fazem valer a proposta do país de resgatar e valorizar sua historia,cultura e herança.As crianças tambem tem espaço especial no “Children’s Library” com programações divertidas durante todo mês.O QNL fica na Cidade da Educação (Education City)espaço voltado para educação e pesquisas.Deslize o dedo na foto principal e tenha acesso as outras!Enjoy it!????

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Qatar National Library / 10.11.2017 #qatar #qatarnationallibrary #doha #qf #qatarfoundation

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‏مكتبة تفتح النفس، المبنى جميل و مصمم بشكل بانوراما بحيث ان تقدر تشوف المكتبة كاملة من مكان واحد. اضائتها هادية و مهتمين بجميع الاعمار و جميع الاحتياجات بالاضافه الى مراعاة ذوي الاحتياجات الخاصه من جميع الاعمار مثلاً (سهولة التنقل ، وجود ناس تساعد الاطفال اللي يحتاجون اهتمام الخ..) . الخاصيات الموجودة حديثة وفي اماكن هادية للمذاكرة و غرف للدراسة و التصوير و الموسيقى بالاضافة الى ناس مختصه تساعد في الابحاث! و قسم خاص مثل المتحف للادب و المقتنيات و التاريخ و عن قطر كل فئة عمرية لها قسم خاص لان كل فئة تحتاج انواع كتب و اهتمامات مختلفة ! تقدرون تدخلون على موقع المكتبة و تسجلون و بتكون لكم عضوية او تقدرون تسجلون فالمكتبة. زوروها عشان تعرفون التفاصيل اكثر In love with new Qatar national Library it’s honestly a dream place for me! Beautiful building full of soft natural lighting perfect for reading, studying, working or having meetings. When you stand in one area the view is panoramic as you can see all of the library from one side. I loved how this library caters to everyones needs and accessible to people with special needs they can move around easily. Also in kids area they have people that can look after and focus on children with special care. There are different sections that are suitable for different ages with advanced facilities! This place also has silent rooms and areas for studying, photography rooms & music room with equipments. There’s also an exhibition area for old historical, Islamic book and old books about Qatar. You can register online and get your membership card or go to the library and register. Go check it yourself to know more about the facilities. #qatarnationallibrary #library #reading

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