Developed by Minimaform, The Petting Zoo at the FRAC centre, Orléans, France is a futuristic spin off to the traditional concept. In this unique installations creatures of artificial intelligence have been developed to mimic animal human interactions. In doing so, this project raises new awareness about the future of communications and stimulative environments.

Arch2o-Minimaforms_pettingzoo_artificial-pets-feeldesain-installation (1)

 Courtesy of Minimaform

The installation consists of three robotic arms or tentacles called pets which interact through movement, illumination and sound. These pets have internal mechanisms of recognition which allow them to track gestural activity and identify multiple users by real time cameras and blob tracking. The responses generated thus are not repetitive and help them evolve personalities over time.

Arch2o-Minimaforms_pettingzoo_artificial-pets-feeldesain-installation (5)

 Courtesy of Minimaform

The environment consist of a darkened room with the 3 pets being the center of attention. Stepping into the installation, the viewer feels transported into a space age set up.

Arch2o-Minimaforms_pettingzoo_artificial-pets-feeldesain-installation (3)

 Courtesy of Minimaform

The pets are highly evolved and exhibit a multitude of emotions including even boredom if the humans around are not interacting. A new form of human sensory reaction is thus explored and the boundaries of technological application in art also reaches a new high.

By Akansha Gupta

 Courtesy of Minimaform

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