Multitouch Drafting Table 

First, we said good buy to our regular drafting tables, yet now, we may say another good bye to our desktop computers ! ideum, is a US company which has developed a custom table for the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Surveying George Washington Exhibit in 2013. Later, the technology has been customized to serve architects and designers, they built their first production model: ideum Multitouch Drafting Table.

Courtesy of ideum

Courtesy of ideum

ideum table has a fixed display at a 30 degree angle for comfortable interaction. The Ideum signature Platform pedestal can be paired with a 46″, 55″, or 65″ multitouch display. The 46″ models comes with a 3M Display that allows for 60 simultaneous touch points. The table is integrated with a high performance Intel Quad-Core i7 with 8GB RAM and can be upgraded to include a powerful, discrete graphics card and other options.

The table is supported with Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. It also has an HDMI input and microphone/headphone output via mini jack. There is direct access via lockable USB ports. Each Platform comes with optional WiDi for wireless screen access. You can also order the optional RFID to extend the unit capabilities.


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