There’s not much more I can say to describe this elegantly formed and executed, new cancer care centre for Maggie’s Centres (a walk-in cancer care network set up by, and named after, the late Maggie Keswick Jencks, wife of architect and writer Charles Jencks). It was designed by the firm CZWG, who do a pretty damn good job of introducing the new Centre, located in Nottingham. So without further ado, I give you the description by CZWG.

Courtesy of CZWG

CZWG was commissioned by Maggie’s to design a new cancer care centre in Nottingham to serve the East Midlands Cancer Network. It is set on a wooded slope in the grounds of Nottingham City Hospital Campus, between the Oncology Department and the Breast Unit.

The two story building ‘floats’ above the ground on a semi basement and is accessed by a wide bridge from up the slope. It is visibly part of the hospital but lifted up protectively amongst the trees.

Courtesy of CZWG

The green glazed oval elevation with their overlapping corners front economical square plans in which the many rooms required flow from one to another. The section exploits the curved roof and soffit to provide different height rooms and spaces. They have been richly furnished to the design of Sir Paul Smith, a famous son of Nottingham. Large balconies extend the rooms out within touching distance of the tree canopies.


Courtesy of CZWG

“I am delighted to be involved in creating this centre for people living with cancer and their family and friends. It will be a great resource for everyone and a fantastic new addition to the city. Piers Gough is an incredible architect and it has been a joy to work together on the design.”

-Sir Paul Smith

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