Los Angeles Opens Its Heart of Compassion 

In his signature style, Cliff Garten has designed a light installation in the historic Korea Town of Los Angeles. Talking about the urban diversity and the peaceful co-existence of various cultures within the city, the installation is a comment on the dynamic nature of LA, away from the glitz and glamour and the celebrity lifestyles that it is always associated with.

Courtesy of Cliff Garten Photography : Jeremy Green

Courtesy of Cliff Garten
Photography : Jeremy Green

The installation consists of a undulating transparent mesh which represents the shifting demographic of the city, where one place implodes upon another in a kind of urban kaleidoscope. The spectrum of lights projected on it seem to seamlessly blend into one another. Focussed on a chandelier inspired by the traditional Korean Lotus, a wave of electric lines seem to emerge from the centre that spread out to the edge of the mesh, giving the entire installation a buzz of life and energy.

Artist: Cliff Garten
Photography by Jeremy Green

By: Shamita Chaudhry


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