Leather Loops | Studio Pepe Heykoop

Leather Loops  Studio Pepe Heykoop

These things are pretty cool. I can’t profess to know exactly how they are made, but that might be half the fun. I would surmise that there is probably a hidden ‘washer’ acting as a base for the spooled leather, but one can’t be sure. These stools, titled Leather Loops, by Studio Pepe Heykoop, are a wonderful twist. Constructed of leather leftover from the making of furniture, they are a critical response to the waste this industry produces. They remind me of packing for a trip. You know, one must maximize the space in the suitcase, so things like belts and ties can’t be left on their own. The tie is folded up small and the belt is spooled around the clasp. Replace the clasp with a structural center and add some artistic vision and you get something you can sit on in style.

One last thing that makes these ‘not your average stool’ is the construction process. They are the second collaboration between Pepe Heykoop and the Tiny Miracles Foundation. Children in India are sent to school with sales proceeds while their parents earn a wage making the stools.

Courtesy of Studio Pepe Heykoop- Photography by Annemarijne Bax

Courtesy of Studio Pepe Heykoop- Photography by Annemarijne Bax

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