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The Kinematics Bodice

Kinematics Bodice – or designing the perfect garment that follows the exact shape of your body. No seams, no patterns, no sewing machine – just a computer attached to a 4D printing machine, and a body scanner. And that’s it! Somerville based design studio – Nervous System,  has found a way to do exactly that. They took a scan of Jessica’s body – one of the founders, and then generated a virtual parametric bodice, by using the Kinematics Clothing app they developed. To make sure this would fit into the printer once transferred into the real world, a Kinematics Folding app was used. The result was a 1320 pieces bodice, that was ready to wear right away. And more important – it is the exact size of the model, and it fits perfectly. It also has a few snaps in the back, to ensure a comfortable way to put it on.

The studio has been experimenting with 4D printed designs for a few years. Their collection also features a dress, jewelry design, and furniture objects.

By Cristina Juc
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