Made to fit..
No doubt that for a price of 200.000 Euro, you would find every invader ring is made to exactly fit it’s conquest. This high precision computer engineered ring, sold by Tjep, is made of silver and then polished using traditional techniques. If you think about it, you can buy it HERE.

These little buggers are trying to hide behind pixels! Every Invaders ring is made to fit it’s conquest (you), exactly. Therefore we don’t keep a large stock of a very limited number of sizes, but offer you 20 differtent sizes to choose from by using the Tjep. ring sizer. The invaders ring is computer engineerd with high precision and than casted in silver using traditional techniques. All this to fit your hand, or the hand you love, perfectly.

  • Dl

    200 euros? what a ripoff.. i’ll model that in 1 min and can have that made for 20$ who wants one?

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