The site of Hotel Doban is located in the middle of the village, Byeonsan-ri, deeply in Baekbyonbong Mountain looking down the South Han River and the downtown of Yangpyeong. All sides around the terraced landscape, which are surrounded by the ridge led from Baekbyonbong, enclose a quiet retreat like a folding screen. The end of the ridge and the earth of the terraced slope open far toward the South Han River and Yangpyeong city, such as standing on the mountain observatory, to provide a resting place overlooking the complicated everyday lives.

Courtesy of HG-Architecture+UIA architectural firm – Diagram

Terraced Landscape :
The earth around the site is a terraced landform by the height of 5~6m as a newly developing area. In order to strengthen the sense of overlooking platform and minimize the loss of natural terrain using the existing landform, the terraced landscape was planned. The terraced floor inside the building, following from the flow of surrounding landscape, differentiates functional space through different heights and depths in a single independent space without walls.

Courtesy of HG-Architecture+UIA architectural firm – Photography : Kyungsub Shin

Unfolded Spaces :
The group of units is unfolded geometrically sliding down the slope. As a result, it provides guests with a totally individual space which has a different view and space independently for each unit. The individual unit functions as a view frame for independent activities open to the outside, and have a private external Jacuzzi space open to the sky in between units. The assemblage of units was delicately designed to create a separate axis without any focal points while mixed into one building.

Courtesy of HG-Architecture+UIA architectural firm – Photography : Kyungsub Shin

Courtesy of HG-Architecture+UIA architectural firm – Floor Plan

Continuous Roofscape :
The roofscape, like a ridge around the site, is surrounding units with successive lines. The continuous roof surfaces maximize the effects of continuity through repetition, by interlacing the flow of roof enclosing the individual units. The individual units compose the whole together, which creates a unique appearance inspiring the rocky mountain behind the site. The building form can be seen easily at a distance from the entrance of Byeongsan-ri valley, which was intended to be a landmark of this area.

Courtesy of HG-Architecture+UIA architectural firm – Photography : Kyungsub Shin

Project Info :

Architects : HG-Architecture , UIA architectural firm
Location : 881-2 Byeongsan-ri, Gangsang-myeon, Yangpyeong, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Project Area : 194.77 sqm
Project Year : 2016
Photographs : Kyungsub Shin
Manufacturers : LG Hausys, Eagon
Construction : Jinso Construction
Structure Engineering : Thekujo
Mechanical/electric engineering : YouSung Engineering
Site Area : 990 sqm
Client : Jeonggil Choi

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