Ukrainian designers have released interesting window blinds which can instantly turn the outdoor morning view into a bewitching urban nightscape. The trademark “HoleRoll” roller blinds are made of German fabric which transmits 0% light. They are black on the inside and white on the outside to reflect the incoming heat. Used as canvas, the blind’s fabric is artistically perforated to form negative abstracted shapes of worldwide cityscapes. When the blinds are rolled down their black surfaces becomes illuminated by the outdoor daylight passing through the perforations, like sparkling city lights and stars at night. The blind’s captivating effect can, also, be perceived in the playful projections of light on the interior surfaces and furniture. So, now you can get a dazzling night view experience from London or New York, at any time and from anywhere, by simply rolling your blinds.

via Holeroll: Website | VK

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