Furoshiki Wrap Shoes | Masaya Hashimoto

What are the shoes called that look like feet? It is the Furoshiki Wrap Shoes. Footwear is one of the most essential items in any modern man or woman’s closet, so it becomes imperative that the shoes we buy for our daily use are comfortable, durable while at the same time being chic and stylish. We all remember the Five Finger shoes that gained notoriety sometime back, many people thought them to be a masterpiece of minimalist design, while some just found them (for lack of a better term) “weird and creepy”. Also, Adidas unveiled a unique 3D printed shoes customised for each individual’s feet.

Italian company Vibram, the company which brought them to life, has now come up with an equally unique pair of kicks, which will surely make you wish you had them on as you are reading this.



What are Furoshiki Shoes?

The Furoshiki Wrap Shoes are the brain child of Japanese designer Masaya Hashimito, who takes inspiration from a humble piece of cloth called the Furoshiki or “bath spread”, dating as far back as the Nara period. The name is derived from the Edo period practice of using them to bundle clothes while at the sentō (public baths).


The Design of the Furoshiki Wrap Shoes:

The design is as simple and minimal as it as it gets, consisting of a sole attached to which is a toe box and two wings made from stretchable fabric which renders the shoes, suitable for any foot type. The person places their foot in the toe box and the wings wrap around the foot and are fastened at the heel using Velcro straps. This no frills, light weight and durable design makes the shoes easy to put on and easy to take off, perfect for any on the go individual. Vibram’s expertise in designing high-grip soles also makes these shoes a must have for any water-sport junkie or indoor athlete.

Arch2o-Furoshiki Wrap Arounds-3


The “old-meets new” design will definitely catch on with the young, hipster crowd, but just like their predecessor the design isn’t going to go down so well with everyone. For those who can recognize vision in the weird and style in the strange, these wrap shoes are definitely the way to go.

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