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Forest House

Recently, the conservation of nature came and most of human trying to be close with the nature.
Example, A family decided to form their backyard as a small forest by plant the trees, passing for 30 years and the tree growth up and their backyard become as a real small forest as they wished and be their prided. Hence, the family was determining to create the house in there also glad to share all information to other who is interested.

Photography by © art4d magazine / Ketsiree Wongwan

First of all, the trees are the questions which all agree to measure of tree’s size and space between them. The minimum space found at 2.70 meters which is the maximum size can be building the house. They have learned the theory of monk cubicle which width and length 7:12, tantamount 2.40 : 2.40 meters. They aim to build the house between those space without any effected to trees around. The pattern they chose is plus symbol that can be allocate for 5 sections which contain terrace, hallway, living part, the bedroom and lavatory.

Photography by © art4d magazine / Ketsiree Wongwan

At the beginning they build whole 4 houses which each house will be 1.20 meters away upper and connected every single house by the terrace. These made each house has different viewpoint but concordant with the tree height. The house is raise up from the ground and nature around.

An original technique made by local technician using to build the house. The window uses as the awning for the house which has no terrace in the different position to response the different view and each activity.

Photography by © art4d magazine / Ketsiree Wongwan

Project Info:
Architects: Studio Miti
Location: Thailand
Area: 132 m²
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: art4d magazine / Ketsiree Wongwan
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