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DECA Urban Garden in Sao Paulo

Located in the outskirts of São Paulo, this once empty space was turned into a sensorial labyrinth with a refined aesthetic sense, harmonizing bold geometric lines from the hardscape with the softness of the vegetation and is meant to welcome visitors to an event venue building through a square. The space is comprised by a route through three distinct sceneries, where the water plays a major role linking them and leading to its climax, besides alluding to the products original ambience. The reflecting pool is layed with green pebbles, echoing the vegetation, contained by a corten steel sheet with embbed LED lighting.

photography by © Yuri Seródio

A gabion wall, with reclaimed crushed reddish stone from a local quarry, greets the visitors and, along with the reflecting pool, takes them to a cascade made of 22 washbasins and faucets randomly displayed on another wall that mirrors the gabion wall, enclosing this space, yet creating a dynamic atmosphere and leading to the next scenery. An extensive pergola hovers the next space and is attached with 33 aligned showers, creating a illusionary water curtain and allowing an unexpected view to the main garden and providing a soothing sound. The square is an irregular grade of different shades of a 90cm porcelain tiles, where bamboo and olive trees are unsystematically planted providing shelter and shade in the middle of the garden, where visitor can enjoy themselves on cetified wooden benches. Toilets mimic “cobogós”, a hollow ceramic brick extensively used in modernist Brazilian architecture that, when layed on a wall, resembles a mashrabiya. These panels are layed perpendicularly in the middle of an eclectic array of plants, with different texture and shades of green. All bushes and ground covers, also grown locally, are low water consuming since they’re adaptable to the local climate. Rainwater is used for irrigation and for the reflecting pool, and LED lighting provides low energy consumption.

photography by © Yuri Seródio

Project Info:
Landscape Architects: Hanazaki Paisagismo
Location: Jardim Everest, Brazil
Area: 10764 ft²
Project Year: 2017
Photographs: Yuri Seródio
Manufacturers: American HydrotechDecaEliane RevestimentosSpirandelli EngenhariaVerdeal
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