David Moreno came up with the most mesmerizing 3D wire models which depict the stairways and entrances of several famous basilicas. Moreno is a Spanish artist who is into drawing 2D structures on paper and converting them into 3D intricate sculptures.

Courtesy of David Moreno

What begins as an ordinary drawing on paper turns out to be a complex scene made of dozens of steel wires and….wait for it….piano wires!! After Moreno welds the wires and finishes the piece, he hangs it on the wall or has it dangling from the ceiling. He often intensifies the 3D-experience with spotlights which provide his artwork with a powerful impact.

The delicate stairways appear to be hovering over the place. Moreno often paints them in gold or silver as if he is linking us to an exciting new dimension. The welding and bonding between the wires express Moreno’s vision of human relations and interactions.

Courtesy of David Moreno

The Barcelona-based artist has displayed his art at many galleries and exhibitions across the globe like the Contemporary Art Fair in Istanbul, Turkey. Check out other wire artworks by David Moreno on Instagram 

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