Interior Design
Sorano Hotel | Curiosity

Sorano Hotel SORANO HOTEL is one of main facilities in new-born urban development in Tachikawa city, 30 minutes away from Shinjuku, Tokyo. With the concept of “Wellbeing”, the hotel suggests us a new holiday style, “Wellbeing short trip”, offering health conscious activities. Located in the area ...

Wieden+Kennedy NY | WORKac

Wieden+Kennedy NY Renowned advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy has developed a global reputation for innovative work dating back to their early Nike campaigns in the 1980s. The agency’s Portland headquarters designed by Allied Works cemented Wieden+Kennedy’s position as a patron of architecture and ...

Box Office |  Cox Architecture

Box Office| Cox Architecture A feature of the project is the creation of a wide variety of settings in a relatively modest floor space in order to present individuals with options about where, and how, they work or socialize within the new workplace. Whilst staff are assigned an allocated ...

CA Technologies | Setter Architects

CA Technologies CA Technologies has recently launched their new development center, spread over 2 floors in Herzliya, Israel. CA's guidelines for the design team were to create a young and dynamic environment; as a result, the design team came up with an idea for a new kind of workspace that ...

Ropemaker | Clive Wilkinson Architects

Ropemaker Macquarie’s Ropemaker Place was designed as a model for a new transparency in banking services revolving around an open atrium and connecting staircase. By virtue of their size, large corporations face a spatial problem of creating a unified community and leveraging their considerable ...

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