Interior Design
Pan House | 2BOOKS design

Pan House This project was conducted in an old community in Hsinchu with few residents. Its architectural style belongs to that of the traditional terrace house (tou tian cuo), which shares the same exterior construction and interior layout with the buildings in the neighborhood. According to ...

DG House | KARA architecture

DG House Located in Gading Serpong area, nestled among suburban houses in a neighborhood that’s very close knitted, the house shares a wall with other houses adjacent to it. The house is surrounded with houses that are built almost 10-20 years ago, this setting is one of the principle factor ...

GC House | FCC Arquitectura

GC House Starting from the existing building, the project foresees its conservation, alteration and necessary expansion to respond to the intended program; the first purpose will be to protect and enhance the building, as well as the surrounding garden. Demolition of part of the building in the ...


MVRDV House MVRDV’s 2400 m2 interior renovation for their new offices, with 150 work spaces, had at its core the idea to capture and enhance their DNA in what is now called the MVRDV House. The new space builds on the progress made in previous offices, learns from how the team inhabited and worked ...

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