For those who appreciate and acknowledge the importance of the bathing experience, Russian designer Alexaner Zhukovsky created ‘Bathsphere’ – a conceptual project of a bathroom re-interpreted as a spherical space. The theory behind this project, along with its geometry and name, are undoubtedly reminders of the famous ‘Bathysphere’ (from Greek, βαθύς – bathus, “deep”, and σφαῖρα – sphaira, “sphere”) – the spherical deep-sea research and exploration vessel.

'Bathsphere' Technical Details, Courtesy of Alexander Zhukovsky

‘Bathsphere’ Technical Details, Courtesy of Alexander Zhukovsky

According to Zhukovsky, the bathroom is more than just a place where you wash your face, brush your teeth or take a shower. The vision of ‘Bathsphere’ is based on the idea of a space within a space – one where you can relax after a hard day’s work and escape the noise of the city. Moreover, its inner space could mimic rain or change temperature, humidity, light, sounds and even smells, while its glass shell would offer its user a sense of weightlessness.

Courtesy of Alexander Zhukovsky

Courtesy of Alexander Zhukovsky

Zhukovsky  is passionate about the role of the bathing space in general, as he mentions: “This place shapes our mood at the beginning of the day and prepares us to sleep at the end of the day. Bathroom space becomes a kind of membrane between the bustle of the modern world and the calmness of a home” . And despite technical issues that need solving, ‘Bathsphere’ is a potential idea. If completed, it would certainly offer both an unconventional place of relaxation and an interesting design piece.

By: Ana Cosma

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