If you are thinking about pursuing architecture as your career but not sure if it is the right choice for you, here is what you need to know:

Architecture is not child’s play. If you want to become an architect just because you love architecture, you might suffer. This is because the equation remains incomplete if you are not good at it.

Below, you will find certain traits that will determine whether you are fit for architecture or not. If you can checkmark 95% of them, you will rock the architectural world. However, you might wanna reconsider your decision if it is below 60 %. So, let’s start!

1. Active Learner

Learning something completely new is hard, but you know how it is done. In fact, you LOVE to learn and stay updated with latest trends. If you are this guy, it’s a check.

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In architecture school, the learning starts from day one and never ends. You will continuously learn about new software, structural details, construction techniques, and more. Moreover, you will apply all that you have learned almost immediately. It’s never passive learning in architecture.

2. Inventor

Your active learning tendencies are complimented with a desire to invent. You don’t just learn from other’s work, you like to innovate your own work for others to learn from too. If you’ve just nodded that this is so you, then it’s a green signal. You can actually count this point as 20% of the total.

Courtesy of Vladimir Todorov

Architects have to produce their work from zero, starting with one great idea. Thereupon, you just watch and learn how they transform some scribbles on a paper into a real-life building.

3. Intelligent But Not Nerdy

You can hate studying all you want! You don’t study a lot of books in architecture anyway. It is all about practicality and design. However, you need to be a beauty with brains. Okay, I take the beauty part back, but you certainly need brains. Even when you study, you do it the smart way and get it done before anyone else.

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This industry requires you to understand how various materials work, and how to orient the building per climate and other site specifications. On top of this, even your building form must conform to many considerations. That’s right! Architects don’t just make what they think would be fancy. So, if you are an inherent genius, give yourself a kiss, ‘cause you are so in it, bro!

4. Student of Knowledge

You are a fountain of knowledge. You know something about everything! Everything includes business, marketing, science, construction, world history, religion, languages etc. It’s not optional in architecture, it is a must! You design for all specialties hence you need to know about them.

Courtesy of Onkar Dichwalkar

If you are a seeker of useful knowledge, congratulations! Just a few more to go.

5. Opinionated

Not in a bad stuck-up way, though. You have strong opinions and you don’t waver away from them easily. You might over-think sometimes, but you can support your opinions with much rational evidence. This quality will help you in architecture big time.

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On the other hand, if you don’t have solid opinions, you will never be sure of your designs. Thus, you wouldn’t develop any strong design principles for yourself. You could make a great employee, who works under others’ rules and ideas, but not the lead architect.

6. Dreamer & Doer

You want to change the world. The word ‘impossible’ does not exist in your dictionary. If it does, then architecture would be the first thing to become impossible for you.

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7. Deep observer

You are sensitive to your surroundings and notice tiny details of the world around you. Really, you do? Way to go, Mr. Future Architect!

Courtesy of Jimmi

8. Perfectionist

Some people mistake a ‘perfectionist’ for someone who can never be satisfied with his/her work no matter how good it is. This is not what I mean AT ALL. Rather, you like to give your best to all your tasks. This is crucial if you want to maintain a type A personality in architecture.

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I acknowledge that this quality is rarely found in architecture students. For them, it’s either studio or other subjects. However, a perfectionist manages to keep track of all his/her work duties and does them on time with perfection.

9. Hard Worker

Okay, we hate studying! We agreed upon that, but we don’t mind being workaholics.

Courtesy of Tim Sackett

Let’s get this straight: Architects are all-nighters. It is necessary! Otherwise, you wouldn’t get done with anything in your life.

10. Eco-friendly

You love nature and this will make you a nice sensitive architect.

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You will be much revered in the realms of contemporary architecture if your designs are delicate for the environment. Go Mr. Green, go!

11. People & Animal lover

You even care about ants. You cannot stand any living being getting troubled. This is a very good sign. Your designs will be considerate of the users.

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Remember that if your architecture does not serve people’s needs, it is nothing but a giant curvy box of ego. You might get fame, but you will never achieve fulfillment. If sympathy for others is inherent in you, you won’t just be any architect but the architect that the world needs.

12. Not a Foodie

Trust me, you would have to give it up… unless someone else can feed you as you work, ’cause your hands will always remain busy. It’s a plus if you are already not a foodie.

Courtesy of Tony Camblin

13. Crazy Yet Wise

You have wild ideas but at the same time, you execute these ideas with wisdom. Everyone thinks you are crazy and that you strive to accomplish the impossible. But in reality, you know your capability, and you undertake tasks accordingly. I have seen some architecture students who set unrealistic goals for themselves; goals that they know they would never achieve in the given time, but yet they persist. Consequently, they live in depression the whole semester and come with no substantial work in the end. You, be wise!

Courtesy of Jason Yip

14. Spontaneous Sketcher

I made the term up. You sketch spontaneously and even think through the scribbles. If you have this trait, it’s a clear indication from God that you should do architecture, son.

Courtesy of Frank Gehry

15. Into Technicalities

You are totally into technical stuff. Meaning, you like to examine how objects work. If they break, you try to fix them.

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One thing you must realize: you do not have to be a math freak to be good at solving technical issues. It is a big misconception! Though, you surely have to be extremely fast with mental math to quickly sort things out. This includes basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Forget the Xs, Ys, and Zs for good.

16. Communicate Like A Boss

If you are a persuasive speaker, you will make a neat architect. I repeat, if you are a persuasive speaker, you will make a neat architect. Enough said.

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17. Passionate About Architecture

Last but not least, you are passionate about architecture. You know why you want to do it and it’s a bonus if you have a specific goal in mind already. However, if your goal ends at making a cool impression on your friends, then you wouldn’t truly accomplish anything for yourself. Have a real goal and be a dreamer, like we said earlier.

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You can only make it through architecture if you are passionate about it. Period.

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