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7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Green Roof

Need to cool down your home’s interior without the expenses of electricity bills? Do you live on a noisy block and can’t take it anymore? Do your gutters flood every time it rains?

Green rooftops can help you with all of that and more. Here is how:

1. Houses in rainy countries sometimes face the problem of overflowing gutters after heavy rainfall. Green roofs can absorb up to 80% of the rain and voila! No more flooding.

2. If you live in a sunny country, you will probably have a brittle roof, with cracks, that constantly needs maintenance. Green rooftops can significantly counteract that and help protect your roof.

Meera Sky Garden House – Courtesy of Guz Architects

3. When you live in a country known for its hot weather. The sizzling temperature of your house interior can be reduced by 6-8 degrees Fahrenheit if you have a rooftop green space.

4.  Owing to the fact that plants retain water, greenery acts as a shield that protects your rooftop against fire hazards.

5. While living downtown might sound like fun, that is not always the case with all the noise and the heat. The green roof space can act as a sound barrier that decreases the noise by 8 decibels when compared to ordinary roofs.

6.  City buildings and big cement blocks often trap heat from the sun which is known as Urban Island Effect. Having plants on top is good for the environment as they counteract that effect and decrease air pollution.

New York City – Courtesy of

7. Solar System fans can’t go wrong with green rooftops. Greenery absorbs the heat from the sun which increases the efficacy of the solar panels on top, supplying the fans with energy.

People may think that the maintenance of these roofs is costly. They cannot be more wrong. You can just have some chickens on the roof, and they will get the job done for you!
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