7 Chairs in 7 Days | Ineke Hans

7 Chairs in 7 Days Ineke Hans

I am still unsure of what, if any, category this project/ experiment/ thesis fits into. On one hand it is design in that it is the designing of 7 chairs in seven days, but I think art in its premise and implementation. 7 Chairs in 7 Days is the masters thesis, which ran from 1993-95, of Ineke Hans. She states; In fact, I spent much longer than seven days on those chairs… But I set myself a challenge: a chair a day, to capture “the essence of chair”. We’re all inclined to assign things a function so quickly. I remember a TV show several years ago in which people were given random imaginary products. In a flash, they’d attribute functions to the things. With this collection of chairs, I wanted to investigate what the fundamental elements of a chair were. As soon as you add a simple curve to a chair’s leg, it becomes a rocking chair. Essential iconic elements like that, pictograms that communicate the same thing all over the world, are something I seek out in all my work.

That pretty well sums it up, I think. Take a mental roll along the beach in the ‘full circle chair’…

Courtesy of Ineke Hans

Courtesy of Ineke Hans

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