Then vs Now: The Dramatic Change in the Skyline of 10 Worldwide Major Cities
The world has rapidly changed in the past couple of decades, and with it changed the architecture. This change has left a quite remarkable impact on the skylines of the world’s different cities. Here are 10 global cities, from various spots on the Earth, which have experienced a dramatic change in their skylines since the past century.

1.Berlin, Germany

World War II had left the capital city of Germany in ruins. Then, the city was divided between the east and the west by the famous Berlin Wall which has fallen in November 1989 to mark the beginning of a new age for the once again unified city. The city has become a global hub for technology, science, and culture.

Berlin, Germany

2.Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai’s location on the Persian Gulf has made it of importance to the world trade since the old times. However, Dubai, as we know it, has not come to be until the oil discovery in 1966. The city has witnessed a significant growth in the 70s owing to the oil revenue; a growth that has made it capable to be, now, a world trade center and a top destination for tourists.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates- Image: Abdolian & worldpropertychannel

3.Singapore, Republic of Singapore

Singapore is one of the few city-states left in the world, a one-city country. It is also one of the four Asian Tigers whose economy has undergone rapid development between the 1960s and the 1990s. The growth has started following the city’s independence from the UK, making it a world commerce and transportation hub, as well as a tourist attraction.

Singapore, Republic of Singapore – Image: AsianUrbanEpicentres

4.New York, United States of America

Following World War II, the already growing New York has become the world’s leading city. It houses nationally and internationally significant venues like Wall Street, the World Trade Center before the terrorist attack in 2001, and the United Nations headquarters.

New York, United States of America – Image: DailyMail

5.Toronto, Canada

The city, which was formerly known as the city of York by the British who established it, is now the largest city in Canada. It is a renowned center for motion picture production and television production. It is also recognized by its recent skyline which mainly features high-rise buildings.

Toronto, Canada – Image:BlogTo & farzinphoto)

6.Tokyo, Japan

The Japanese capital city has been, indeed, subjected to damage during World War II, in which Japan was on the losing side. However, even before that, the city has not witnessed the notable change from its traditional basic architecture. War came first. However, that bleak era ended with the end of the war, and the world got to see a renovated Tokyo on its way to becoming a world economic power and technology center when it hosted its first Summer Olympics in 1964. Now, Tokyo is getting ready to host its second Summer Olympics in 2020.

Tokyo, Japan – Image: bongorama & mediavida

7.Sydney, Australia

Sydney is Australia’s most populous city, and probably the most internationally popular city of the country. It is remarkable for its massive steel Harbor Bridge, and the world famous Sydney Opera House, by the harbor, designed by the Danish architect Jørn Utzon. The city has also earned its celebrated global reputation after hosting the Summer Olympics in 2000.

Sydney, Australia

8.Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is the capital of South Korean, another one of the four Asian tigers who has been through a major economic transformation in the second half of the past century. It has become a world center for smart and communication technology. It has, also, hosted a number of important sports venues like the Summer Olympics in 1988 and the 2002 FIFA World Cup along with the Japanese capital, Tokyo.

Seoul, South Korea – Image:

9.Shanghai, China

It is China’s and the world’s most populous city, as well as a global finance and transportation hub, containing the world’s busiest container port. The city is considered a showcase of the astounding economic growth in China. It is distinguished by its museums, historic buildings, and the skyscraper-dominated skyline of the Lujiazui zone.

Shanghai, China – Image: TheAtlantic

10.Panama City, Panama

It’s the Central American country’s capital and largest city, located at the entrance of the Panama Canal which connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific, on the latter’s side. It is a center for international banking and commerce activities, and it is one of three Global Cities from Central America. The city’s contemporary skyline varies between Spanish Colonial buildings, French townhouses, and a high-dense zone of skyscrapers.

Panama City, Panama – Image: SkyscraperCity & MagnificTravel


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