Truck for Audi | Artem Smirnov + Vladimir Panchenko

Truck for Audi

We recently caught up with an elegant design of a “Truck For Audi”. The sleek design is the stunning work of two digital artists Artem Smirnov and Vladimir Panchenko, who posted two proposals to Instagram and invited their followers to vote for one of them. Both proposals are for electrical cars, yet one is designed for unmanned driving over highways and the other is just a show car.  “Our goal was to develop an unmanned electric truck brand Audi. In the sketching stage, we have identified two possible directions: Option A is an electric truck autonomously driving for highways; Option B is an electric truck show car. We decided to work in two directions, then to choose the best option. But the plan failed:/. We could not choose a better version, so we present to your court both.”
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