Here’s a visual treat for all you Jedis! Fiction meets Reality in these lifelike digital alterations (The Fall of Star Wars Battleships) created by Paris based graphic designer Nicolas Amiard. Nearly 40 years into the pop culture phenomenon of Star Wars, Nicolas Amiard pays homage to the franchise in this series of photographic manipulations by re-imagining star war battleships crash landing into famous cities.

A tie-fighter crash lands into London. Courtesy of Nicolas Amiard

Imagine walking down a narrow street only to find a battleship haphazardly fallen there, or a gigantic star destroyer ship blocking your view to the Eiffel tower! Amiard’s few re-imagined creations have left us craving for many more. Enjoy these graphics in our gallery courtesy of Nicolas Amiard. Until the next time, may the force be with you!

By: Priyanka Shah

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