The art of reflection. The luminous filed acts as a public sculpture that reflects people’s movement in the space around them. Accompanied with the neon lights used in form of geometric shapes or grids on the ground and the music, that mix creates an interesting space for the public and especially for the children where they move play and interact.

Arch2o1 (2)

Courtesy of Anish Kapoor-Luftwerk

This whole atmosphere is art as it takes you to a whole new world of fantasies that you can see in front of your eyes. It shows the space around you, the city skyline from a newer perspective.

Arch2o1 (5)

Courtesy of Anish Kapoor-Luftwerk

The beauty in this still sculpture is that it makes people express themselves, explore, discover and make their own art.  The distortion effect resulting from the shape and the material of the bean- like sculpture develops a kind of an entertaining visual experience.

Arch2o1 (3)

Courtesy of Anish Kapoor-Luftwerk

So, instead of going to the cinema to watch a science fiction movie, you can make your own in front of this sculpture.

By Rehab Ayman

Courtesy of Anish Kapoor-Luftwerk

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