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It is an interesting result of technology- the inference of possibility. How is a curved, flowing roof actually constructed? This study, by Cargo Collective is poignant in its singularity. Only the roof is worked out. This can create questions of full enclosure and resolution, sure. Yet, because of its isolation, one is forced to really contemplate this form and its execution. If it were to be just one of many building elements, it could be overlooked. We might just believe it out of default without truly contemplation the implications.

Forms such as this can be made from a lot of (large members relying on material) or a lot of (small members relying on geometry and constructed depth). This seems to fit into the latter category. A double depth of members is created by struts, into which smaller cable or is trussed for lateral and angular support.

 We architects really can make anything we want. One must only se débrouiller, or to untangle. To  not leave it for a structural engineer to figure out but grasp the fundamentals of geometry and use intuition to ‘solve it, even though it’s impossible’.

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