It is not a pornographic post, but the design of JOKI Bench that we discuss here has made it one of sexiest furniture pieces that you would love to buy !  Although it is a heavy piece of furniture ( 1/4 ton),  its dynamic curves have a sensual aesthetic that fits the contours of the human body perfectly. What is also amazing about the design is that the form was carefully designed into modular pieces that have similar layouts at their ends, making them easy to recombine no matter which which way or by which piece you start with.

Courtesy of Kayiwa

Courtesy of Kayiwa


JOKI Bench:
Material: Birch Plywood
Total length: 315 cm
Each seat length: 78.75 cm
Height: 57 cm
Width: 105 cm
Weight: 250 kg

According to Kayiwa’s website …  Kayiwa’s Ugandan roots and Nordic life blend into a unique approach. He shows us that design can be bold and playful, yet still aesthetic, fully functional and durable. His uncompromising, innovative works make Lincoln Kayiwa a pioneer in creating exclusive, usable art pieces that enable anyone to be a collector.


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