Paper Sculptures Richard Sweeney

There are times when words just fall short of really doing what you want from them. I can blubber about how I search for these qualities or those characteristics. One can rant about the failings of this idea or that. You can expound. There can be discourse. We can exclaim as one. But in the end- even if we sing it or recite poetry- these too would fall short. So please, let your eyes melt across these sculptures by Richard Sweeney. They are paper. What?! Yes.

Courtesy of Richard Sweeney

Courtesy of Richard Sweeney

According to Sweeny’s webpage “Richard’s practice combines the disciplines of design, photography, craft and sculpture, resulting in a varied output of work including graphic design and public sculpture commissions. Richard seeks to maintain an experimental, hand-on approach, utilising the unique properties of often mundane materials to discover unique sculptural forms. He has lectured at universities internationally and regularly holds workshops to share his knowledge of paper folding and construction techniques. Richard is represented by Victor Felix Gallery, London.”


Courtesy of Richard Sweeney

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