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Suthida Lertpanichphan, Patteera Chantrasuriyarat, Paphawarin Phrukwatthanakul, Rarin Komolsiripakdi, Thanakorn Leelasathapornkun


As appeared in many news in 2014, many cities in North America have suffered from severe winter. What is happening there can be considered as a warning that the future of Our world is so fragile. The climate of the future world would possibly be characterized by an extremely long cold winter with a variation of low temperature all over the world. Tropical climate zone with wet and hot weather will eventually be a dry and cool region while the temperate climate zone with a warm summer and cool winter will end up being a cold region. Some parts of them will be covered by ice and snow year-round.


Undoubtedly, with a weather like this, it will greatly impact on almost every possible species of life. Plants cant be grown. Farms and crops will be destroyed by ice and snow. Livestock will be died. Humans will be suffered from hypothermia, famines or other severely fatal diseases. Every street and railway will be also covered by snow and ice. Canal and river will be frozen. Therefore, all commuting systems will be paralysed. Although the fact remains that this kind of weather will not last forever, it may take a lifetime to get everything back to normal. That is why at the time people have to adapt themselves to survive in the period of “Ice Age.”


It’s not easy to predict how the world will be like forty or fifty years later. What we can really be sure of is that most of the changes in our world are affected by what humans have done. Lots of internationally-recognized concerns we have seen today is about global warming and how the world will be changed if the global temperature increases. However, what we have looked over for decades is what will happen if the temperature of the earth is turned upside down or to put it simple, extremely low. What we disregard is the effects from the nature and the outer space which somehow cant be controlled.
The issues we are discussing about are the change of the earth’s axial tilt and the change of solar activities which are the results of increasing sunspots These solar defects decrease the amount of electromagnet emitted to the earth which is the cause of shifts in patterns of wind and ocean currents These phenomenon, if affected by global warming, will then appear as a chain effect As a result of the extreme decline of the global temperature, there will be a large number of glaciers and ice-bergs which will reflex back the radiance from the sun and then cause the decrease in the earth temperature.


The impact of the Ice age phenomenal is definitely serious The solution for coping with this severe weather should be prepared in advance to avoid any possible loss The severity that each country has to face will be different depending on their climate zone, their geography and their water current.

For example, Japan is situated along the Pacific coast which is where the ring of fire is located Because of that, Japan has many active volcanoes resulting in numerous earthquakes and hot springs This equips Japan with great efficiency to generate electricity and energy using heat power from hot spots which can be found all over the country Climate in Japan varies from north to south.


For instance, the city of Fukuoka in the southern part of Japan has hot humid summers and relatively mild winters while Sapporo, a nation’s major city in the northern part has cool summers and snowy winters This city is growing quite rapidly not only in the number of population but also in the infrastructure such as roads, pedestrians, water supply and distribution, metro and underground shopping mall.


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