Optical Illusion in the space. The artist paints a whole painting using different geometrical shapes. The painting is drawn on more than one wall with different depths creating an illusion.

Arch2o (8)

Courtesy of  Fanette Guilloud

It doesn’t involve walls only but could complete on objects too which then could give a sense of penetration. The illusion painting plays with the opacity of the materials.

Arch2o (2)

Courtesy of  Fanette Guilloud

If the painting is continuing on the object, you could feel that the object is transparent although it is not. Moreover, the choice of the painting’s colors is interesting too.  Sometimes, the color of the painting is matching with the color of the walls and sometimes they contrast each other. However, in both cases there is the harmony between the imaginary and the real space.

Arch2o (4)

Courtesy of  Fanette Guilloud

This three dimensional visual art relies on creative two dimensional painting and choosing the correct place to draw on. It needs a lot of good imagination of the complete picture before starting it in addition to the precision for sure.

By Rehab Ayman Lotfy Abdel Fatah

Courtesy of  Fanette Guilloud

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