Hong Luo Club House

Economically and geographically, the rapid expansion of Beijing has had a profound effect on the city’s periphery. Hongluo Villa District is a three-phased project and is located to the north of Beijing, situated along the shore of Hongluo Lake with an impressive view of the mountains beyond. A wooden bridge traverses the lake and the clubhouse is situated on an irregular platform in the middle of the bridge. The entire structure appears to float on the water, reflecting the surrounding mountains and becoming a focal point for the whole area.

Courtesy of MAD

Courtesy of MAD

The Club House has two branches, one is a swimming pool floating on the lake and the other is an underwater platform. The architectural form is shaped by people’s circulation. Two major roads converge at the center of the house and reach all the way up along an ascending roof. The ever changing water surface joins the ascending roof, expressing the transition from liquid to solid. The space structure and the functions of the house are integrated naturally.

The main access to the house will bring the visitor to 1,300 mm under water, where people feel like walking in the lake. The access road ascends to the ground level gradually as it nears the house, which reveals the main function of the building – a gathering space. The roof shape is a projection of the linear, functional organization of the ground level’s program. The outdoor swimming pool is built into the lake, which keeps the surfaces of the natural and the artificial water at the same level. The architecture explores the city dwellers’ understanding of the nature.

Courtesy of MAD

Courtesy of MAD

Hong Luo Club House creates an ever changing space that echoes with the surroundings, where people and nature are united. The mountain and the water provide hope and inspirations for people who live in concrete woods.

Project Information :

Architect : MAD Archtitects
Location : Beijing, China
Project Year : 2006
Total Area : 487.2 square meters
Design Team : Shen Jun, Christian Taubert, Marco Zuttioni, Yu Kui

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