Harm Less by Sonia Rentsch

A week or so ago, reports from the United States told of the first ever 3D printed gun capable of firing a round. To some, this is a tale of the progress of freedom against tyranny, to others this is a warning across the tannoy of a dangerous possibility that exists within this progressive technology. How the story shapes up in future will be something to keep tabs on, the outcome is far from clear.

Arch2o-Harm Less-Sonia Rentsch (1)

Courtesy of Sonia Rentsch

In the meantime, this series by Sonia Rentsch titled Harm Less is a more analogue, non-lethal form of 3D printed gun to present a bit of enjoyment. Composed of elements ranging from bamboo to seedlings, to bark and flowers, these photographs speak of both the frailty and resilience of nature. Humanity is also subtly present in the works- its use of nature as well as its confrontation against the systems which support its survival.

Arch2o-Harm Less-Sonia Rentsch (4)

Courtesy of Sonia Rentsch

By Matt Davis

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